Safe And Durable Phone Waterproof Bag Floating air Cell Phone Bag

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【Safety Waterproof Phone Pouch】Buoyancy waterproof design, Valve type three generation sealing system, Super sealing, inflatable suspension, Deep waterproof, Fashionable appearance, Let you swim and dive without worry.
【Convenient Waterproof Cell Phone Bag】Using high transparent waterproof film, High sensitivity, Mobile phone before and after photo head can be taken underwater, At any time anywhere to record the wonderful moment.
【Floating Waterproof Bag Phone】Double sealed with floating air bag, High pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, Can prevent the phone from sinking into the water.
【Safe And Durable Material】The waterproof bag of inflatable mobile phone is made of PVC material, Which is soft and skin-friendly, Wear-resistant and durable.
【Support Most Cell Phones】Suitable for phones with screens between 3.5 inches and 6.8 inches.


Packaging: 10.2x6.2 Inches

Color: White black

Material: PVC

Size: 7.6x4.3 Inches

Product features: PVC material, High transparent waterproof film, Safe and waterproof

Convenient for you to take photos underwater. Super sealing

You can protect the mobile phone when swimming or diving.

Matters needing attention

1. Please make a waterproof test and check for any damage before using the product, especially around the seal.

2. Avoid strong impact and sharp objects scratching during use.

3. If you need to take things out after using in the water, please turn the seal face down to avoid any residual water entering the waterproof bag.

4. Please do not use in the hot spring, the ambient temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.